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I treat the Arthritis essay on neem leaf Rhus Tox 1M and Hypericum c to alleviate the essay on neem leaf both taken in the water dose.

This remedy is only effective as soon as the tonsils show signs of discomfort. Chronic cases have to be treated with an antibiotic.

This remedy controls the formation of Tonsiloliths but it has to be taken on a daily basis to be effective in this control. He informed me on the day after he took 2 doses that his Blood Sugar had dropped drastically and refused to use it anymore as he felt that it was some mysterious medicine which he did not wish to experiment with as process essay was already on Insulin which he injected himself 4 essays on neem leaf daily.

I then gave this remedy to business plan for car wash services had the same reaction when their BS dropped considerably essay on neem leaf to the drop caused by Metformin.

I shall be essay on neem leaf to reply any questions that those who read this article may like to pose if any clarification is required on any matter pertaining to my use of Arnica listed above Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: Important Information given in this forum is given by way of exchange of views only, and those views are not necessarily those of ABC Homeopathy.

It is not to be treated as a medical diagnosis or prescription, and should not be used as a substitute for a consultation with a qualified homeopath or physician.

It is possible that advice given here may be dangerous, and you should make your own checks that it is safe.

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For example, taking mother tinctures can lead to serious side effects, and stopping prescribed medication without first consulting a physician can also endanger your health. If symptoms persist, seek professional medical attention. Bear in mind that even minor symptoms can be a sign of a more serious underlying condition, and a timely diagnosis by your essay on neem leaf could save your life.

Report post to moderator Re: And, once again, you seem to see criticizm of your practices as an attack on your person, which is not the essay on neem leaf. You may be a very wonderful person, but that does not mean everything you say is gospel. Similarly, if what you do is perceivably wrong and therefore out, it is not to impinge on your character.

If you notice, he will post a huge essay on neem leaf lengthy post immediately after my post and also of anybody who opposes him. Persons suffering from A. AND he is supported immediately on the next post by the back-stabber sadistic pervert, whom I have caught using dozens of multiple proxy login i. If I decide tomorrow to start singing paeens to, say, Nux Vomica and how it can cure everything from diarrhoea to constipation to eczema to GERD to sleeplessness, it does not mean that that medicine would work on everyone or should be prescribed to everyone.

However, some bookish self-styled-homeopaths, feel that they have invented the next generation of Homeopathy and to justify their own theories, will monotonously self-glorify, endlessly. Some people will profess the need to change with present times and challenge the old school. Read this links throughly before attempting self-medicating.

It is the diluted essay on neem leaf of the Arnica Herb that is working like a herbal medicine and giving benefits to the user. Polycrests cover a wide range of symptoms. If it benefits the user, where is the problem. Such a diluted dose is not going to cause the provings…about which a follower of Classical Homeopathy is making out to be.

Pankaj Varma Report post to moderator Re: It is not a question of small verses big issue. It is a question about homeopathic philosophy. Murthy Report post to moderator Re: thesis presentation powerpoint themes is exactly happened with Mr.

I am a trained homeoapth but also I am well aware that beside essay on neem leaf many other systems can help the mankind.

The Arnica was giving benefit to the many aliases false essay on neem leaf login i. It is a big lie big issue out of nothing small issue Remember, the almighty God is watching. Hanneman is squirming inside his grave. Let him be in peace. That would be surprising! Sulphuric Acid tip for alcoholism From dr mehmood on There is no need to throw away any Thesis network traffic

Phyllosticta Leaf Spot

Problem appears when we try to dis-approve a medicine versus a fundamental and made a declaration. The more these people talk, the more they display their ignorance about homeopathy.

Dilution alone will not make a potency. It is a combination of essay on neem leaf and succussion. To release the energy, the succussion part of the process is very important. The mere fact that I do not subscribe to the classical formula does not mean that my use of existing Homeopathic remedies is wrong. I refer to the case where Silicea used for a Fistula seemed to have caused a breast lump.

It is strange that many members who have graced this thread seem only to be determined to show up the danger of using my Joepathy, but do not at least appreciate the fact that in the majority of cases, my therapy has worked wonderfully essay on neem leaf.

It must be remembered that this essay on neem leaf Joepathy was first used derisively but it seems to have stuck and many now use it with, I hope, some reverence as it may be the beginning of a revolution in the use of remedies in a non classical manner that will help suffering humanity.

I must admit that I fail to understand the reason why my therapy which has been proved to be in a manner that the classical method has not helped in the case of some ailments like Fistula which I have been treating with a combination therapy including an Antibiotic ointment which is directly inserted inside, can be classified as dangerous and can lead to future manifestations of doom.

The patient is the final arbiter of the efficacy of my essay on neem leaf and if he is helped, I papers written for you understand the reason for this consternation on the part of a few members to shadow every one of my posts with the avowed essay on neem leaf of only creating that doubt in the essay on neem leaf of the patient at least one of whom left the forum and surrendered himself to his essay on neem leaf for yet another surgical adventure for his Fistula.

It simply amazes me to read the language that the female pseudo classical homeopath has use to describe my efforts to help patients but she must realize that the more she vents her anger and waspish language on me, the more she succeeds in increasing the interest of patients to my Joepathy.

She should realize that all her efforts are counter productive and she only succeeds in making a bad situation for her even worse as she insists on displaying her scant knowledge of spelling in the English where almost every one of her posts are replete with bloomers like PLACEIBO meaning Placebo, all of which when coupled to her Indian interpretation of the English language which is used universally, provide entertainment to people like me whose mother tongue is English which is a language that I have specialized in for as long as I can remember.

I notice that she has in the recent past started to criticize me for my somewhat lengthy posts and I presume that this may be due to some problem associated with ADD Attention Deficit Disorder which she often attributes to me by ahp problem solving quirk of her imagaination.

She has often been warned by members to maintain her cool and to try to help members instead of going into paroxysms of vituperation and anger which provide members with at least some light relief to read and most of all to pity the abuse of what was once an intelligent mind.

This is indeed a new departure for this erstwhile classical homeopath who has often criticized me in the past and I hope that this attitude of cooperation will continue as this will benefit members on this forum. I am gratified to note that many who have contributed their thoughts on this thread and this includes the staunch classical types may now be seeing some essay on neem leaf glimmer in the horizon through the trees that occlude their view of homeopathy due to their continued brainwashing process during their formal studies.

They would not however dare to confirm this fact in their official attitude as long as they do not state so in a manner that they can be quoted. It is just persons like me who have nothing to lose by exposing this double standard which has fortunately been corroborated by a few classical homeopaths, some of them academics and close friends, that keep me going in this manner that I must admit I do enjoy, to expose it to the public, in the hope that others too will make bold to state their inner convictions about homeopathy and thereby serve to lower the threshold that classical homeopathy holds in the eyes of the suffering patient, complete with the hocus pocus associated with the case taking procedure which is often criticized by the patient and the constitutional remedy which follows which is the sine quo non of the classical jealousy thesis statement treatment, all of which is only designed to increase the revenue that the proponent of this art can gain by increasing the number of visits of the patient whose ailment can be cured on the very first visit if only he used my Joepathy approach to healing.

Edit Post Report post to moderator Re: Parts per million or parts per billion. Say… Phosphorus or Selenium or Zincum Metal etc.

To him it is just a dilution. You talk of essays on neem leaf in homeopathic medicines…has anybody found means to measure it????? Yes the books are speaking about it…we all know it. Without measure…it is a mere conjecture. Because of these things I am careful in quoting from the material given in homeopathic books. I wanted to express the 30C in terms of parts per million or parts per billion or even parts per trillion or qazillion for that matter.

I tried the help of the dictionaries. I thought may be you could help me. By the way 3C is equivalent to 1 ppm. Also what about the 10M? Can you give me the English word which represents the dilution of raised to the power 10, times?

I will be very grateful to you. I really admire your persistence in trying to find matter in terms of ppm and ppb in potentised remedies. Rajiv Report post to moderator Re: About higher …we will talk in good time. Thanks, Pankaj Varma Report post to moderator Re: Gradually every thing is coming out.

They just know about some medicines, and some of their uses. They also know that c is more potent than 30c. The rest of their prescritions are based on pure allopathic thinking.

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They essay on neem leaf increasing the potency is achieved by increasing the dilution. They never heard the essays on neem leaf of masters that are always on our lips, and talk disparagingly about them, despite not knowing about them.

And they pose as if they are the most succesful prescribers on this earth. And worst of all, they try to get up after being thoroughly mauled, and try to declare themselves as winners.!! May the unfortunate patients ,who to them be saved.!!!

There is no chemist on this earth who can detect a trace of matter in a 10M or a 50M or a CM potency. Not as of now at least. Not in the next few decades.

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Curriculum vitae de un tecnico radiologo The more you insist on it the more sympathy i feel for you.

If you say that it would have been nice to see a scientific breakthrough which could really explain why or how the high potency remedies work, then i could understand and essay on neem leaf have supported you. The more these people talk, the more they expose their hollowness. Allow them to talk here, rather than through e mail, and let everybody know, where they stand. ATleast there websites that proofread papers for free time available for essay on neem leaf such a long boring and monotonous post.

Nesha-India Report post to moderator Re: That is the reason they have refused to believe that such non-material things as so called homeopathic remedies could have any effect on human body. All this is easily available to anyone who wants to do a little research.

Now, we are not even talking of 12C or 13C.